Thursday, February 19, 2015

Fiber and Weight Loss - New Research

New research suggests that for those who have trouble following a complicated diet, the simple act of increasing intake of higher fiber foods may lead to clinically significant weight loss.  How much did the participants lose in one year?  About 4 ½ pounds.  The weight loss is not as dramatic as one might expect from a more comprehensive lifestyle approach, but it is still ‘better than nothing’ - and may help those with metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, and prediabetes/diabetes.

How does adding high fiber foods work to help weight loss?  Probably by several mechanisms:  1) adding higher fiber foods ‘crowds out’ unhealthy, calorie dense foods.  In other words, if you eat enough salad, you won’t have room in your stomach for cheeseburgers and French fries!  2) Creating a sense of fullness/satiety.  If you feel more full, you won’t be as likely to overeat calories. This approach is also known as ‘Volumetrics’.   3) Higher fiber foods create a ‘low glycemic’ effect - controlling post-prandial (after meal) blood sugar levels.  4) Higher fiber foods may limit absorption of some calories, and may also lead to lower inflammation - there is ongoing research in this area.

Is fiber the single ‘magic pill’ for weight loss and maintenance?  Well, unfortunately, real life is not quite THAT simple.  Other research reveals what DOES work well for long term weight control success:   “Successful approaches to weight loss maintenance include consulting with a physician, nutritionist, or another support source; adhering to a stable diet with a limited variety of food; monitoring weight; eating breakfast; and exercising regularly. Long-term pharmacologic treatments for weight loss maintenance have been studied and were found to have modest success.”

If would like help designing a healthy, sustainable high fiber diet, and adding this to part of your comprehensive healthy lifestyle, we can help.  We are availble to help in-person, 1:1, and via our new Virtual Visits (via phone, email,  or skype) as well.
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The impact of soluble dietary fibre on gastric emptying, postprandial blood glucose and insulin in patients with type 2 diabetes

Yu, Kang1; Ke, Mei-Yun2; Li, Wen-Hui3; Zhang, Shu-Qin4; Fang, Xiu-Cai5

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