Tuesday, December 22, 2015

FREE Winter Comfort Recipes Cookbook, PLUS FREE “Holiday Survival Library” from Dr. Warren!

Many of us are tired and frazzeled with last minute rushing and preparations for the holidays. We are scrambling to try to find time for healthy meals and snacks for ourselves in the midst of all this, how to stay as healthy as possible!  We are also on the lookout for healthy and tasty - and simple - recipes and ideas to feed our family and friends as we gather together.  

Are you looking for a last minute gift, or a gift to yourself, to get a jumpstart BEFORE the New Year?
We can help!

Dr. Warren just collected a library of her best holiday survival strategies! She also
has created book called “Winter Comfort Recipes”, full of tasty, simple, and healthy recipes which can be “scaled up or down” depending on the number of people eating at the time.

As a gift to all she put a link to all the holiday articles here - click and they are yours right now: http://www.healthyweightcenter.blogspot.com/#!http://healthyweightcenter.blogspot.com/2015/12/winter-weight-gain-help-for-holidays.html
Winter Weight Gain & Help for the Holidays:  A Survival Library by Dr. Warren

Need simple, healthy, portable high protein snacks to get through the holidays?  Power protein for breakfast and lunch?  We can send them to you!  Our two week “Fast Track” food gives you these (and you don’t have to use them all during the two weeks, you can spread the protein supplements over time if you choose.)  Purchase the simple and affordable  two week “survival supply” package, and we will also send you Dr. Warren’s Winter Comfort Recipes Cookbook for free!  

The recipes are simple, tasty, and fun!  They do not require  Fast Track food, but can be incorporated into the plan - AND be used for family and friends!  Call today at (603) 379-6500, or go on our website: seacoastnutrition.com
Read more about our full program:  healthyweightcenter.com

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