Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Setting Up Your Environment for Success

By Amy Buzzell, M.S. in Clinical Nutrition, B.S. in Nutrition Science

Now that the hustle and bustle of the holidays, along with baking foods such as appetizers, meals, and desserts for holiday parties is coming to an end, this is a great time to start off the new year with a kitchen detox! Here are some steps to conquer your kitchen and detox from all the high carb/high sat fat, “addictive foods”, to start the year off right!

1. Clear out your refrigerator, and clean out your pantry!
Clear out all of the white stuff- including breads, baked goods, desserts, mashed potatoes, cookies, candies, and sugary drinks.

2. Stock your kitchen with fruits and vegetables
If you are craving carbs of any kind (breads, cookies, desserts, etc), replace it with fruit. The vitamins, minerals, and healthy fiber in fruit can help to fill you up longer.

3. Stock up on low-fat and fat-free dairy foods
Non-fat greek yogurt, low-fat cheese, and low-fat cottage cheese are some healthy dairy foods that provide an optimal protein to carbohydrate ratio. Mix in some fruit, such as berries, pineapple, or black cherries, or add scallions to your cottage cheese, or mix a powdered ranch dressing packet (low-sodium) into plain greek yogurt for a veggie dip that is high protein and low calorie.

4. Create a motivational board
This would be a collection of pictures, phrases, and anything else that motivates you. All of the pictures should be things that motivate you or you wish to have as your best self. Collect your pictures and paste them onto a piece of paper or cardboard that you can hang somewhere that you will see often.

5. Support System
Talk with the people closest to you to let them know what your goals are. This will allow them to better help you through your journey and give you what you need during this time.

6. Food out of sight out of mind
Keep snack foods for family members in a special cabinet or have them bring them to their bedrooms or keep it in a place where you can not see it.
If you are buying childrens snacks, buy foods that you do not like, and they wont bother you being in the house.

7. Boredom activities to replace eating
Have a plan in place for when you are bored. Read a book, call a friend, go for a walk, drink a large glass of water, leave the kitchen, or knit. Having a plan in place so that you dont start thinking about food and boredom eating.

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